Ministry & theology happen in community. While Scripture is sufficient for learning about God – who He is, what He has done, & what His will is in this world – it is also valuable to glean special insights from other followers-of-Christ.

Occasionally, we will post links to articles, both recents & favorites, that we believe will benefit the Students, Sponsors, & Parents for whom this blog exists. Check back regularly!

Gen Z: Who They Are & How to Reach Them
This Youth Ministry Media article presents some recent research on this generation of teenagers & presents it in a way to help understand how to best reach & guide them through media, social media, etc.

Teen’s Cyber Security (w/ infographic)
This article at Youth Ministry Media deals with internet addiction, cyber-bullying, sexting, pornography, & other things teens these days struggle with. It was written to inform Youth Workers & Parents.

Using Sports to Proclaim the Gospel
This article at Radical shows how the gospel can be spread through sports, as opposed to an overcommitment to sports being opposed to the gospel.

The Gospel & Social Media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
“For the Church” is the slogan & focus of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The material & resources they put out are for both educational & practical purposes. This 4-part series walks through the implications of social media use through the lens of the Gospel.

Does My Teen Really Need Youth Group?
A great article on the “Why?” of youth ministry. Posted by Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, an institution dedicated to the bettering of pastors & ministers for the Kingdom of God, which I believe includes Parents!