If you haven’t been made aware, 13 Reasons Why is the newest Netflix-binging craze. It’s a 13-episode show (based on a book of the same title) that addresses some deep issues teens may encounter, specifically suicide & sexual assault.

I (Tyler) have not personally watched the show, but I’ve been reading & hearing a lot about it since it hit Netflix in March. Instead of giving you my uninformed opinion, here’s a list of articles that range in perspective & opinion about the show from those who have watched it. Some are from Christian- & ministry-based sites written by people I trust (& one who’s a local friend). The others are from mainstream outlets. So, take anything you may read with a grain of salt & I pray for God’s discernment in handling such topics in your family!

IMDB | Synopsis
My go-to movie/TV show information site. Direct link to the show’s synopsis & you can find a trailer here, too.

The Gospel Coalition | “’13 Reasons Why’ is Deceptive & Destructive”
This article echoes the main criticism of the show: that it glorifies a vengeful type of teen suicide. Trevin Wax actually writes & edits a lot of curriculum used here at FBC. He speaks from a place of hurt & experience in this article.

Download Youth Ministry | “Some Thoughts on ’13 Reasons Why’: Part 1 Part 2
This is more of a thoughtful & thought-provoking faith-based article that asks hard questions of our Christian prejudices in addressing these sorts of topics.

YouthMin.Org | “13 Reasons to NOT Recommend ’13 Reasons Why'”
Jonathan is a friend. He’s got a passion for Students & Parents. His article is more about his problems with recommending it to the families to whom he ministers.

Huffpost | “Why Parents Should Watch It & Teens Should Skip It”
Written by a mom/psychologist, even just reading the headlines of this article’s “13 reasons” provides a LOT of information concerning the show. It may help you decide just how to handle viewing in your own family.

Huffpost | “Why ’13 Reasons’ Shouldn’t Be Your Teen’s Binge”
This is another cautionary article, but from a slightly different perspective. They mention a Forbes article concerning the show, as well, that looks at it purely from a critic’s point of view. Here’s a link to that one, as well.