Whether the New Year is approaching, you recently heard a convicting sermon, or God has just prodded you to begin reading your Bible more, devising a plan to read through Scripture can be an intimidating thing!

There are 39 books in the Old Testament & 27 books in the New Testament. Each book of the Old Testament sets up & points forward to the Messiah’s coming & world-changing ministry, while each book of the New Testament builds on & points back to the advent & ministry of the Messiah, largely echoing the Old Testament. This grand-narrative is lost on many Christians these days as Biblical illiteracy rates are crazy high.

We want to provide resources to those in our ministry to have easy access & accountability to reading their Bibles more regularly, with reverence & understanding.

Below are some links & tips to reading through your Bible. Pick which one works best for you & happy reading!

Classic 1 – 365 days
Old Testament, New Testament, & Wisdom reading each day
Classic 2 – 365 days
Old & New Testament reading each day
Book Order – 365 days
From Genesis 1 to Revelation 22
Chronological – 365 days
Read the Bible in the order that the events happened
6-Month Bible – 6 months
For those who want to read through twice a year!
90-Day Bible – 90 days
Yes, the entire Bible in 90 days… try this challenge!
120-Day Old Testament – 4 months
Essentially, you can read it in a summer!
90-Day New Testament – 3 months
A little lighter than the ones above, this will still bless you!
Shortest to Longest – at your own pace
Read each book 5-10 times, starting with the shortest… great for retention!

Other Resources
Check out the YouVersion Bible app’s reading plans…
THE BIBLE in a year
The 40-Day New Testament Challenge

Check out LifeWay’s new web page dedicated to reading the Bible!
It includes plans, devotionals, studies, & information about Scripture.
Take some time to browse through this page! It’s worth it!


Pray before & after each time you sit down to read. Ask God to give you understanding of the words & stories you read.

Don’t worry if you miss a day or 3! Playing catch-up can take a lot of time, add stress, & wear you out from reading. Catch up when you feel like you can, otherwise, just pick it up on the day you missed & keep going.

A lot of people try to stick to their reading plans during the week & use the weekends as a break or catch-up days… what do you think?

Be consistent with your translation – it’ll make reading & retention a lot easier!

Schedule your readings in a reminder app on your phone or your daily planner to help you keep on track. Set it to go off at the same time every day to help create a habit of reading. If you use the YouVersion app, you can set reminders on there!

If the passages you’re reading are boring or seem like they have nothing to do with anything – KEEP READING. I can’t tell you how many times God has revealed Himself to me in these “dull” moments – more recently with the passages in Deuteronomy where God describes how he wants the Tabernacle furnished… who knew that could be so encouraging!

Don’t be afraid to write in your Bible! Marking passages that stand out to you & writing notes in the margin will not only help with retention, but it will make that particular passage more real to you now & later when you look back at it.